Organisation Programs

Socio-economic empowerment of local communities for sustainable and resilient improved livelihoods and self- reliant and developed communities.

Advocate for accessible, affordable quality Sexual Reproductive Health Services and supplies for Adolescent Youth and Women using all Inclusive and rights based approach. .

Coordinated and improved networking with various stakeholders in order to have multi actors’ inclusive actions for improved and equitable service delivery..

Organisation Objectives:


  • Economic Empowerment

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  • Creating Awareness

    Ensure Accessible ,affordable quality Education and Health services - SRH services and supplies; for the Adolescent Girls and Boys; Womenand Men. .

  • Integration

    A re-shaped and harmful cultural practices free societies. Gender Equality and Justice for marginalized categories of people. .

Act as Whistle blowers to expose occupational/institutional fraud, corruption, protection breaches in the community and various stake holders and duty bearers.

  • Sexual Harassment Exploitation and Abuse policy
  • Child Protection policies like safe guarding policy and Do No Harm..